Cleansing lymph and causes of slowing its circulation

The lymphatic system cleanses the body of toxins and bacteria.

Lymph nodes, clean the lymph from viruses, toxins and bacteria, thereby raising the human immunity. This task is the main among the functions performed by the lymphatic system.

Thanks to her work, the interstitial fluid is purified and redistributed in the human body. This happens with the help of a whole system of lymph nodes. Excess liquid from the interstitial space gets into them from the capillaries.

At the first level, this fluid undergoes initial cleansing in smaller lymph nodes. Then the lymph moves through the large vessels to the next stage of purification, into larger lymph nodes.

Purification products (dead cells, bacteria, viruses) cannot reach the liver during stagnation of the lymph — this is a waste processing factory and the final link of the purification process. They settle in the lymph nodes, causing them to increase, partially excreted through the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract.

Causes of slowing the circulation of lymph in the human body

The slowing down of the lymph current, problems with the elimination of toxins and residues of vital viruses and bacteria can be associated with the following reasons:

  • Prolonged psycho-emotional stress, stress. Many clinicians consider the stress factor to be the cause of the overwhelming majority of pathologies of human organs and systems.
  • Imbalance of the digestive system. The intestinal lymphoid tissue in violation of the diet becomes unable to perform the functions of purification.
  • Iodine deficiency through the endocrine system of the body, which is closely related to the lymphatic system, affects the fact that the body is defenseless against toxins, and lymph flow is blocked.

How to understand that the lymphatic system needs purification

Cleaning the lymphatic system can not be done during pregnancy and lactation.

Products remaining after cleansing interstitial fluid, and leaving unconventional way, cause various diseases:

  1. papillomatosis,
  2. skin pigmentation in the form of separate spots,
  3. acne,
  4. inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs,
  5. inflammatory diseases of the joints,
  6. allergic reactions
  7. swelling of small joints,
  8. flatulence, flatulence,
  9. thrombophlebitis.

Conducting regular cleansing of the lymphatic system, you can get rid of allergies, increase your immune level, rejuvenate organs and systems. The recommended frequency of purification - 3-4 times a year at the first stage, then 1-2 times enough.

Contraindications for cleansing the lymphatic system - pregnancy, lactation. Restrictions for this procedure can be: diabetes, heart and vascular disease, hypertension.

Perhaps the use of soft methods of purification under medical supervision.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

Natural juices will help avoid stagnation of the lymphatic system.

To avoid stagnation of the lymphatic system, you need to drink natural juices. Regulation of acid-base and water-salt balance in this way will accelerate the circulation of lymph.

Similarly, the effect on the body exercise and massage. For use, you can use the exercises "Niche recovery system."

A Japanese doctor, Katsuzo Nishi, suggests such an exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system: you need to shake with your limbs up in a supine position.

In this case, the muscles should be as relaxed. The desired result will result in the daily implementation of this exercise for 2-5 minutes in the morning and evening.

The same result can be achieved by performing an exercise for the joints from the health course of Mirzakarim Norbekov. He recommends every morning to bend and unbend all joints, rotating them after extension. It is necessary to begin with small joints and to finish large. Such movements due to muscle contraction will help promote the lymph through the vessels and avoid its stagnation.

Body massage will help clean the lymphatic system is not worse than gymnastics. Doing it, you need to firmly follow the rule: massage movements are carried out towards the center from the periphery of the body, in the direction of the lymphatic fluid. Hands and legs are massaged upwards, because the lymph can only move in that direction. Themselves lymph nodes massage is prohibited.

Clearing the lymphatic system by visiting the sauna and bath is also not forbidden. There is an immutable rule - the temperature of the air in the room, bath or water in the shower should not be above 60?

Physiotherapeutic heating of the lymph nodes for the purpose of recovery does not apply.

Cleansing lymph by Butakova

The lymphatic system is very important in the process of preventing diseases of many organs and systems.

The doctor - naturopath O. Butakova developed a cleaning system, tested it on herself and her patients, and introduces everyone to this lymphatic system purification procedure.

She considers the role of lymph to be very significant in the process of preventing diseases of many organs and systems. A doctor with more than 25 years of experience advises to combine the motor load with the following sequence of cleansing lymph:

  • Activation of the transition of fluid from the interstitial space in the lymph nodes, kidneys, liver and intestines.
  • Adsorption of toxic substances from the intestine.
  • Replenishment of minerals and vitamins lost as a result of cleaning.

For the course of cleansing needed: licorice tablets, alga Spirulina tablets, vitamin complexes and probiotics. If it is not possible to purchase probiotics or vitamin complexes, they can be replaced with activated carbon and vitamin C in combination with folic acid. Cleaning sequence:

  1. Licorice - taking 3 times a day, dissolving a tablet in warm water.
  2. Spirulina - 40 minutes after licorice, 2 pieces half an hour before meals.
  3. Probiotics and vitamins - in parallel with taking Spirulina and licorice.
  4. For the course of purification Butakova OA removes from 10 to 14 days.

About methods of cleaning the lymphatic system learn from the video:

Cleaning the lymphatic system with folk remedies

Rosehip tea has beneficial properties for the lymphatic system.

There are many popular recipes for cleansing the lymph with improvised means: juices, foodstuffs and infusions or decoctions of herbs.

Patients with chronic diseases, it is advisable to visit a doctor before using folk remedies in order to assess the risks and contraindications.

You can not discount the allergic reactions and individual intolerance of certain products in absolutely healthy people. Ways to cleanse the lymph:

  • Rolling in the mouth of a spoonful of unrefined sunflower oil. This is done in the morning, driving the oil through the teeth and back, which after 20 minutes becomes thick and changes its color. Oil is not swallowed, and spit out.
  • Reception within 4 days of broth in the milk of onions and garlic. One head of these vegetables should be chopped, add lemon, cut with the skin. Everything is boiled in milk for a few minutes. The resulting decoction should be divided into 4 days for half a glass twice a day for half an hour before meals. During the purification can not eat any dairy products, except broth.
  • A mixture of beet, carrot and cucumber juices in a ratio of 1: 6: 3 in the amount of 2 liters is drunk a glass a day every hour.
  • The regular use of dogwood, barberry, sorrel, chokeberry, red currant perfectly cleans the lymph.
  • The same properties have the collection of the hips, willow-tea, oregano, plantain, grass of the highlander. Collection during the month brew and drink instead of tea.
  • 450 ml of celandine juice, obtained from stalks and leaves ground in a meat grinder, are fixed with 70 ml of alcohol for longer storage. Before each meal they take it, starting with one drop and adding one more each time. When the number of drops per intake reaches 15, they are reduced by one, returning to the original amount.

Diet after cleansing activities

Fresh fruits help to improve the body and prevent lymph stagnation.

Specially selected diet will help to maintain the effect of cleaning the lymphatic system. She herself can serve as a mild cleansing agent, a rational system of nutrition will prevent a return to previous indicators, to the stagnation of lymph. Recommended products:

  1. Fresh fruits, especially useful cranberries and avocados.
  2. Spicy greens, leaf lettuce.
  3. Flax seed and linseed oil.
  4. Spirulina is a type of algae.
  5. Walnuts, almonds.

The unique combination of trace elements in the products, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants helps to improve the body, prevents lymph stagnation. The optimum drinking mode will complement the effect - 6-8 glasses of high-quality purified drinking water, herbal teas, infusions of clover, echinacea, calendula, bedstraw, flowers and leaves of mullein.

All these components can be mixed in any proportion and drink to quench their thirst as a cup of tea several times a day. It is desirable to minimize the use of food, slagging the body:

  • Products with preservatives and synthetic flavors.
  • Refined cereals, sugar, sunflower oil.
  • Sweets, sweet pastries.
  • Smoked products, pickles.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • If you follow these rules, slags and toxins will gradually leave the body, there will be no stagnation of lymphatic fluid.

After cleansing the lymphatic system by various means, the result is felt almost immediately. The nervous system comes to normal, chronic inflammatory diseases go into a remission stage, the strength and frequency of allergic reactions are reduced, and immunity increases significantly.

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What is lymph

The lymphatic system is an important, integral part of immunity. The main function that lies on the lymphatic system is to prevent bacteria from entering the body, that is, protection, and the lymphatic system also nourishes the body. There is such a thing as lymph nodes, so when the bacteria pass through them, they become harmless, the system cleanses them, disinfects.

Lymph is an extracellular fluid that accumulates the largest number of toxins, so it is more polluted faster than the blood itself. The main function of the lymph is to protect and nourish the body. All bacteria that are secreted from the intestines are absorbed into the lymph, so it is most rapidly affected by them than blood. The composition of the lymph can change from time to time, first of all, it depends on which organs it comes from.

It mainly consists of water, decomposition products, lymphocytes and leukocytes.

Lymph also contains a large amount of proteins, while tissue fluid is much smaller. The composition of the lymph is somewhat similar to the blood plasma, however, the lymph is not so viscous.

Lymph contains the necessary vitamins and enzymes for better functioning of the internal organs. In addition, it contains substances that help the blood clot better. If capillary damage occurs, then the number of lymphocytes increases. It should be remembered that there are no platelets in the lymph, but it also coagulates well thanks to fibrinogen, after which only a small yellow blood clot is formed.

Why clean the lymph

A person needs to clean the lymph. Full cleansing occurs only with full starvation. When a person eats junk food, the lymph becomes muddy, it contains a lot of fat. In this state, the lymphatic system cannot fully perform its protective functions, as a result of which the internal organs malfunction. In the lymph nodes blood stagnates, this leads to the fact that healthy cells die.

That is why cleansing lymph is so important. In the process of cleaning the lymph in a person with a disease of the stomach, kidneys, liver, the pain is significantly reduced. Experts advise to clean the lymph after the process of complete cleansing of the body of toxic substances. This is necessary because such fluids pass through the same organs. If the intestine is not cleaned, then it can significantly clog the clean lymphatic system, and then send the bacteria to other organs and blood. Lymph must be cleaned in spring or early autumn.

How to clean the lymph: techniques leading experts

To avoid lymph stagnation, it is necessary to properly adjust the water-salt balance in order to speed up the movement of lymph. Not all people know how to clear a lymph, however, here it is completely not difficult to follow some recommendations of experts.

Exercise can also contribute to fast, correct lymph movement. The Japanese specialist K. Nishi developed exercises, they consist in a slight shaking of the arms raised up, while it is necessary to lie on your back, the muscles need to be relaxed.

The whole body massage is useful, it improves the work of the lymph in the same way as physical exertion. When you perform a massage, you must follow some rules: the movement of the hands must walk in the direction of movement of the lymph. In the legs and arms, the lymph moves from top to bottom, so the exercises must be performed in this sequence. You can not massage the lymph nodes themselves. It is also useful to visit the sauna, but the temperature should be no more than 70 degrees.

Cleaning the lymph system folk remedies

Folk remedies are better combined with gymnastics, so you can achieve a greater effect from the treatment. It is recommended to do a full set of exercises for video lessons, so it will become more clear how exactly breathing is held and which parts of the body are most involved. Cleaning the lymphatic system with exercises will take longer than taking medications.

Cleaning the lymphatic system with folk remedies:

  • Mixed beet juice, carrots in equal proportions. Drink two liters of juice daily, a glass every hour.
  • Every day it is recommended to use dogwood, sorrel, barberry, currant.
  • Broth hips, taken twice a day, 0.5 liters before meals.
  • Infusion of celandine on alcohol taken before meals. First, one drop, then every day the dose is increased drop by drop.

Gymnastics for cleansing lymph

The lymph is cleared by the special gymnastics Ankhara, it is more like yoga.

  1. We inhale with the nose, and we exhale with the mouth, it is always necessary to do this
  2. Snake breathing: we breathe in smoothly, we feel how the air passes through the whole body and slowly comes back.
  3. The breath of the dragon: gently inhale, also exhale, for the second time inhale sharply and exhale sharply.

Cleansing the lymphatic system - exercise, diet, folk remedies, the author's method

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Cleansing the lymphatic system - exercise, diet, folk remedies, the author's method

In the human body contains about 1-2 liters of lymph, or ichor. This clear liquid contains a lot of lymphocytes. The lymphatic system is closely connected with the circulatory system; it returns water, salts and proteins from the body’s tissues to the blood.

The lymphatic system cleanses the body of toxins and bacteria.

Lymph nodes, clean the lymph from viruses, toxins and bacteria, thereby raising the human immunity. This task is the main among the functions performed by the lymphatic system.

Thanks to her work, the interstitial fluid is purified and redistributed in the human body.This happens with the help of a whole system of lymph nodes. Excess liquid from the interstitial space gets into them from the capillaries.

At the first level, this fluid undergoes initial cleansing in smaller lymph nodes. Then the lymph moves through the large vessels to the next stage of purification, into larger lymph nodes.

Purification products (dead cells, bacteria, viruses) cannot reach the liver during stagnation of the lymph — this is a waste processing factory and the final link of the purification process. They settle in the lymph nodes, causing them to increase, partially excreted through the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract.

The effectiveness of folk remedies

Lymph nodes are responsible for the neutralization of bacteria and viruses. With lymph, dead microbes are excreted. Cleaning the extracellular fluid is a useful procedure that prevents contamination of the system.

Pharmacy is represented by a variety of drugs for cleaning lymph. The high cost of medication makes the population resort to another effective method of treatment - home remedies. Traditional medicine practices the treatment of herbal plants or products from the garden.

Cleansing with home remedies helps speed up metabolic processes, remove slags, dead cells, microbes from internal organs. Contaminated lymph and lymph nodes do not perform basic functions, patients begin to notice fatigue, frequent colds. The roots, leaves, fruits of certain plants will help to clear the lymphatic vessels from toxins.

Neumyvakin cleaning system

Judging by the numerous reviews on the Internet, a significant improvement occurs when using the cleansing of the lymph by Professor Neumyvakin. He offers several recipes for treatment at once:

  1. The use of flaxseed oil removes inflammation, contributes to the removal of toxins, microbes from the lymphatic system. Additionally clean the bloodstream, improve metabolism, intestinal peristalsis. Neumyvakin recommends dissolve 1 tbsp. l oil for 20 minutes.
  2. Another effective recipe is bay leaf decoction. Take 5 g of spices, cover it with water (300 ml), leave to infuse for 4 hours. For the day you need to drink all the broth. To use on the table spoon for 1 time. The course of treatment is three days. A week later, repeat.
  3. Ginger tea is a universal remedy for diseases. Removes pathological compounds, toxins, cholesterol from the body. Ginger is an effective means to improve immunity. Tea is suitable for safe cleaning of lymph, especially for older people and children. Take 100 g of ginger powder, fill with a liter of water, put on the stove. 5 minutes before removing from heat, add 2 tbsp to the solution. honey After 20 minutes, remove the mixture from the stove. Take tea like this: a third of a glass of drink, 1⁄3 tbsp lemon juice, drink with warm water. Store the composition in the refrigerator. Drink three times a day, 30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after eating food.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide inside is another cleansing method. Doctors categorically prohibit self-treatment. The doctor of traditional medicine Neumyvakin developed the following treatment regimen: on the first day, use 1 drop of medication in a glass of water 3 r / d. Immediately eat do not sit down, wait 1 hour. Daily increase the dose of 1 drop. When you get to 10 drops, start reducing the dosage: 1 day - 10 drops, 2 days - 9 and so on to 1. The doctor says that this procedure will clean the lymphatic and blood vessels, intestines. The technique can not be used for people with gastritis, gastric ulcer, treatment threatens with serious complications.

Dandelion root

Cleaning the lymph with a dandelion root is a safe and useful procedure. The plant has healing properties, it is used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases (cardiac, gastric, renal). To prepare the medicine, take 1 tablespoon of dandelion root powder and 500 ml of boiled water. Put the solution in a thermos, insist half an hour. Drink a glass twice a day. Take 7-10 days. Dandelion roots should be light brown or with a dark shade. It is better to dig in the fall and spring. Ready-to-eat root should not bend, but break. Dandelions of the second year of life have better healing properties than the first.

The second recipe is dandelion juice intake. The leaves of the plant collect in the summer. Pass through a meat grinder, get juice through a bandage / gauze. To a liter of product, add a glass of vodka. Another option is to dilute the drink with honey, lemon juice. Take 1 tbsp., Squeezed with plenty of water.

Cleaning the lymphatic system with garlic increases the body's resistance to pathogens, improves metabolic processes. The method additionally treats liver diseases, urolithiasis, inflammation of the joints, contributes to the removal of parasites. For the preparation of garlic tincture, take 300 g of garlic, 200 ml of medical alcohol. Chop the vegetable and ceiling with a wooden spoon. Pour it with alcohol, put in a dark room for a week. After the time has elapsed, strain the mixture, take 5 drops in a glass of milk. Heal half an hour before meals.

Other products

  1. Vegetable oil - an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Few know that the product has healing properties. Take a tablespoon of oil on an empty stomach. It is recommended not to swallow the vegetable oil immediately, but first to push through the teeth and back. When it thickens and changes color - you can swallow.
  2. Apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of inflammatory processes, toxins and slags. Stir two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of boiled water and take 30 g twice a day. If knots are enlarged, do lotion with apple cider vinegar. It promotes the resorption of lymphatic cones and removes inflammation.
  3. Licorice root is a simple and effective lymphostimulant, and enterosgel is a qualitative sorbent that, like a sponge, absorbs toxins and microbes, virus particles. Enterosgel enters the intestine and captures harmful substances, does not let them into the lymph and blood. After 6 hours, it will be released from the body with feces. To clean the lymphatic system, drink a spoonful of licorice syrup and enterosgel. Wash down with plenty of water. Refrain from eating for two hours. Heal for 2 weeks.
  4. Activated carbon cleans the intestinal contents, prevents the absorption of toxins into the blood. There is 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight, that is, for a woman weighing 60 kilograms, the therapeutic dose is 6 tablets. Therapy to take 2-3 weeks.
  5. Filtrum refers to enterosorbents. It is allowed to take even small children up to 1 year with an intestinal infection. The drug removes toxins, normalizes the level of liver enzymes, cleanses the blood and lymph. Take 2 tablets three times a day.
  6. Plantain, oregano - medicinal herbs with a pronounced disinfecting effect. Herb can be bought at the pharmacy and taken within 1 month.
  7. Vegetable vegetables improve lymph circulation and remove toxins. Take one beet, six carrots and three cucumbers, place in a juicer. Need to get two liters of juice. This volume is a drink for the whole day.
  8. A similar recipe with the addition of fruit: take 2 kg of beets, carrots, pomegranates, cranberries, lemons, some honey. Squeeze the juice from each product separately, then mix all the drinks. Mixture stored in the refrigerator in a glass jar. Drink 50 ml of juice and 50 ml of warm water. The course is a week.

Beverage options

In addition to tinctures from different plants, you can use tea drinks, fruit juices to cleanse the lymphatic system.


  1. Green tea is a natural antioxidant. Drink cleans the blood of cholesterol, lymph - from toxins.
  2. Milk with tea brewing. Add in a half cup of milk the usual freshly made tea leaves, a little salt, sugar and a spoonful of honey.
  3. Nettle tea. Take a tablespoon of dried flowers in a glass of boiling water. Use instead of tea.
  4. Tea with oregano helps to get rid of toxins in the blood and lymphatic channels.

Rosehip Infusion

Rosehip berries reduce blood pressure, strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase the protective properties of the body. To prepare the infusion, take 1 liter of hot water and 4 tbsp of fruit. Leave the solution for 5-6 hours. Take a glass of 3 p / d. The drug helps with vitamin deficiency (contains vitamin C, K, B), anemia (a lot of iron), and liver and gallbladder diseases.

Citrus Juices

The cleaning of lymph with citrus (orange, grapefruit) juices is considered effective. The drink is diluted in 1 liter of water before drinking. Start the procedure from 8 am until the evening, drink a glass of juice every hour. Juice treatment to continue for three days.

Rules of application of folk therapy and contraindications

There are many ways to cleanse the lymph, each is selected individually. It is recommended to consult a doctor before starting the procedure. The main condition for effective treatment is compliance with the rules of purification: drink infusions according to the recipe: do not increase the dosage yourself, the frequency of taking.

Read the contraindications of the method in detail to avoid unpleasant consequences:

  • frequent allergic reactions in history,
  • You can not experiment with a child's body,
  • pregnancy breastfeeding,
  • decompensated chronic diseases,
  • renal, liver failure.

When and why to clean the lymphatic system

The low rate of lymph circulation contributes to the delay in it of toxins and toxic substances, "clogging" of the lymphatic bed. The situation is aggravated by hypodynamia, adverse environmental conditions, metabolic disorders, obesity, and bad habits.

Negative factors contribute to premature deterioration of the body, so the methods of recovery are becoming relevant, and among them is the cleaning of the lymphatic system.

Signs indicating the body's need for lymph purification:

  • Edema in different parts of the body.
  • Numbness and discomfort in the limbs.
  • Decreased skin elasticity, the appearance of cavities and bumps.
  • A sharp change in body weight, obesity.
  • The appearance of frequent headaches.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • The presence of metabolic disorders (diabetes, gout, etc.).
  • Weakening of immunity, the appearance of acne, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Lymph cleaning is desirable when carrying out procedures for body shaping, weight reduction, rejuvenation, detoxification.

Preparation and precautions

Most cleansing methods are safe, quick and effective, but some procedures are contraindicated in the presence of serious diseases. This requires prior consultation with a doctor.

Absolute contraindications to the procedure are:

  • Malignant diseases,
  • Acute thrombotic processes in the body,
  • Heart or kidney failure
  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage,
  • Pregnancy.

To exclude contraindications, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination: measure blood pressure, check the pulse rate, pass general blood and urine tests. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Medicinal herbs

There are plants, infusions and decoctions of which contribute to the purification of blood vessels. These are sabelnik, oregano, sorrel, St. John's wort, acacia, nettle, horse chestnut and many others.

Prepare a herbal collection of white acacia flowers, Jerusalem artichoke, stalks and yarrow leaves, nettle leaves, thyme, oregano, St. John's wort, sage inflorescences and horsetail leaves. Grinding and mixing all these herbs, make an infusion of them. Pour a glass of boiling water one tablespoon of the resulting mass, strain and drink in small portions. Take one glass per day.

Another way - using infusion from dandelion roots: 2 teaspoons of crushed roots pour a glass of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, insist hour. Insist drink three times a day before meals.

Natural juices

To this end, help the juices of citrus fruits: grapefruit, lemon and orange. Thanks to natural organic acids and vitamins, they contribute to the activation of lymphatic drainage.

The procedure starts in the morning and is as follows: take 4 grapefruit juice, 3 lemons and 5-6 oranges. Dilute with a liter of water and drink one glass every hour until it ends. We again prepare the juice and repeat the procedure.

We continue for three days. In the evenings, you can still do a cleansing enema. A few days after the procedure, it is desirable to eat vegetable food.

Garlic, onion and lemon

Garlic, onion and lemon are widely used in various recipes of traditional medicine. In order to clean the vessels of the lymphatic system, one onion, a head of garlic and one lemon are taken together with the peel. The ingredients are finely chopped, mixed, and then poured into a liter of boiling milk. The broth is boiled for several minutes (the milk is rolled up when the lemon is added). The result is filtered, cooled and drunk half a cup in the morning and evening, half an hour before meals. Keep it in the fridge. The duration of the intake is 3-4 days, and these days dairy products should be avoided.

Tibetan lymph cleansing

The recipe is based on the use of alcohol tincture of celandine, apple, carrot and beet juices. Celandine is passed through a meat grinder and squeezed out of it juice, filtering. Mix 70 ml of alcohol and 450 ml of juice. On the first day, take 1 drop before breakfast, 2 drops before dinner and 3 drops before dinner. Then daily add 1 drop at each reception. After reaching the morning dosage of 15 drops, the amount of tincture is reduced in the reverse order, bringing to 1 drop. In addition to the infusion of celandine, carrot-apple juice is mixed with beetroot in the ratio of 4: 1, drink 150-200 ml before meals.

Sauna or bath

In the life of a long time and firmly entered the bath with a broom of nettle, sauna with steam room and swimming pool, Turkish bath and more. They may differ in different nations, but one thing unites them - thermal procedures improve blood circulation, metabolism, and improve lymphatic drainage.

To achieve the effect, the procedures are repeated several times a week for a month. The result will be better if you compensate for the loss of fluid not with ordinary water, but with fresh juices.

Bleedings and leeches

In ancient times, bloodletting was done for any reason - against migraine, bodily pain, fatigue, weakness, and increased irritability. Now this method is rarely used, since the arsenal of therapeutic agents in medicine has expanded considerably. Nevertheless, bloodletting remains an effective method. By removing some of the blood, stress is removed from the bloodstream and lymphatic bed, and the blood is replenished and renewed.

Technically, bloodletting is carried out in various ways: through injection punctures, shallow skin incisions, or with the help of medical leeches. The use of leeches - hirudotherapy is an effective method, albeit an unpleasant one. The leeches secrete into the blood substances that contribute to its liquefaction, thereby improving microcirculation, lymph flow and tissue metabolism.

Method of lymph cleansing according to Butakova

The author of this technique is the doctor O.A. Butakova - offers to conduct a course of lymphatic treatment with the use of natural products: licorice root tablets, coral water, brown algae, Aktivin capsules (BAA), Altimate vitamin-mineral complex, artichoke preparations and probiotics.

There are several schemes for the use of drugs, consider one of the most popular.

  1. A tablet of licorice root dissolved in half a glass of water. Drink three times a day half an hour before meals.
  2. After 15-20 minutes, drink a glass of coral water.
  3. After 3 hours, take the kelp preparation. It adsorbs toxic substances and prevents them from re-entering the lymph.
  4. Take a pill of artichoke (to cleanse the biliary tract).
  5. Use drugs Aktivin, Altimeyt and probiotic according to the instructions.
  6. Course duration - 10 days.

Walker lymphatic cleaning

Frozen clean water (2 liters), just before the start of the procedure, is defrosted. Next, prepare 900 ml of juice from fresh grapefruits, the same from fresh oranges and 200 ml of lemon juice. All mixed up.

In the morning on an empty stomach make a cleansing enema, adding to it a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Next, take a hot shower or bath, and then drink 200 ml of the prepared mixture. After this, there is abundant sweating and the urge to empty the bowel, often - loose stools. Then drink 100 ml of the mixture every half hour until it ends. Exactly the same procedure is repeated on the 2nd and 3rd days.

Drugs and pills

There are many drugs, the use of which helps to cleanse the lymphatic bed.

Licorice root, mentioned in the description of O.A. Butakovoy, contains a number of biologically active substances that improve the flow of lymph, tissue circulation, have anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative, enveloping effect. Enterosgel, which is often used with licorice root, has an absorbent and detoxifying effect. Activated carbon tablets have similar properties.

There is a close relationship between cleansing the intestines and lymph. For this purpose, apply and laxative drugs, for example, magnesium sulfate. When taken orally, the drug has a choleretic effect and removes heavy metals from the intestine.

In order to normalize lymphatic drainage, phlebotonics are used: detralex, troxevasin, venosmil, venorutone, etc. By strengthening the walls of the veins, lymphatic and venous capillaries, these drugs prevent the stagnation of lymph and the appearance of peripheral edema.

When cleaning the lymph can be used vitamin therapy. Vitamins C, E, Group B improve metabolic processes in the body, significantly increasing the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures.

Why do this?

If we recall the lessons of anatomy, all the substances that the blood carries to the organs, first go through the stage of cleansing in the lymph nodes. There, they are saturated with lymphocytes, which increase the body's resistance to harmful factors. It is not surprising that a large amount of garbage accumulates in these “filters”. If it is not removed in a timely manner, the lymph will no longer fully perform its functions:

  • distribute interstitial fluid, which causes swelling,
  • clean it - it threatens with numerous skin rashes all over the body,
  • regulate metabolism - a change in its speed is fraught with excess weight,
  • strengthen the immune system, leading to frequent diseases,
  • carry lymphocytes and lipids.

Among the consequences of lymph slagging: cellulite, heaviness in the legs, and even elephant disease. And if the blood flow has a powerful pump that makes it constantly move (the heart), then the speed is minimal here, so the lymphocapillaries get clogged with debris much faster.

But after the cleaning results will not take long. It will help get rid of (or alleviate the condition) from:

  • arthritis
  • arthrosis,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • many gynecological problems
  • improve the state of oncology.

There is information that when cleaning the lymph from the kidneys and gall stones will go away, but it is not scientifically confirmed. In addition, some experts consider these diseases as contraindications for such events.

In addition to disease prevention, you will notice other improvements:

  • pigment spots, acne, desquamation and even papilloma will disappear from the face,
  • its color will be healthy
  • condition of hair and nails will improve,
  • allergies will go away
  • puffiness will fall,
  • normal pressure
  • digestion will improve,
  • reduced weight.

These are the very first signs of cleansing lymph, over time you will notice other improvements. Do you still doubt that this procedure should be carried out regularly?

Since a person doesn’t really encounter the lymphatic system every day, it’s hard enough to understand when it requires cleansing. Therefore, it is better to use the following indications for its implementation:

  • allergy,
  • arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis,
  • intoxication,
  • ischemia,
  • foul-smelling discharge from the genitals,
  • bad breath, from armpits and legs,
  • obesity,
  • swelling,
  • problem skin: rashes, inflammations, acne, warts, etc.,
  • circulatory problems (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis),
  • digestive disorders: diarrhea, constipation,
  • enlarged tonsils and lymph nodes
  • chronic infections of the pelvic organs (cystitis, endometritis, adnexitis),
  • frequent respiratory diseases
  • endocrine diseases, thyroid problems.

Each of these symptoms indicates a problem with the lymph, which most likely requires cleaning. But the presence of any one testimony is not yet a signal for its urgent holding. As a rule, a decision requires at least 3-4 points.

Lymphatic system


Cleaning the lymph is good because it has a minimum of contraindications:

  • pregnancy,
  • diseases of the lymphatic system
  • hypertension,
  • gallstones,
  • lactation,
  • pathological activity of the adrenal glands,
  • diabetes,
  • heart failure.

Despite such a small list, experts warn that a doctor should be visited before the procedure. He will say more precisely how necessary it is, if there are any contraindications for this, and which way is better to choose.



  1. During the week preceding the procedure, visit the bath 2-3 times.
  2. Twice (with an interval of 3 days) put a cleansing enema.
  3. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily.
  4. Stop smoking.

General tips

  1. Clean no more than 2 times a year. And do it better in the offseason (autumn and spring).
  2. Without an appropriate diet, it may not be effective (nutrition in this period is mentioned below).
  3. Sports are recommended throughout the course of purification. And there are special exercises that enhance the effectiveness of the procedure.
  4. The course of general (and even better - lymphatic drainage) massage will also come in handy.
  5. Many chemical harmful substances enter the lymph through cosmetics. So try to use only natural products.
  6. Do not wear tight clothing - it slows down the lymph flow.
  7. Do not overcool, as the lymph nodes instantly respond to low temperatures.
  8. Breathe more fresh air.

One of the most important conditions for carrying out high-quality cleaning is to follow certain rules in the diet. If you ignore them, you get the following picture. You take out all the garbage from the lymph nodes, and with junk food there gets a new one. The cycle that will never end. Well, if you got down to business, then provide the body with only healthy products.

Useful for lymph:

  • walnuts, almonds,
  • leaf salad,
  • linseed oil,
  • dairy products (especially cheese and cottage cheese),
  • vegetables,
  • spicy greens
  • flax seeds,
  • spirulina
  • any soups
  • fruits (especially avocados),
  • eggs (required),
  • berries (especially cranberries).

  • alcohol,
  • bakery products,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • fatty food,
  • pastry cream,
  • canned food
  • smoked products
  • mayonnaise,
  • margarine,
  • spicy dishes,
  • refined products
  • sweets,
  • salting
  • fast food.


  1. Banned products will have to be abandoned a week before cleaning and a week after.
  2. Fruits and vegetables preferably consumed fresh.
  3. From frying refuse.
  4. Adhere to the principles of fractional nutrition.
  5. The diet for cleansing the lymph is the only one that does not limit the daily caloric intake and portion size. Eat as much as you want. The main thing that food was useful.
  6. There is always a need at the same time.


To clean the lymph is perfect:

  • therapeutic diet table number 11 by Pevzner,
  • vegetarian diet
  • on fresh juices.

Sample menu for 1 day

There are several procedures that can be done at the massage therapist or in the hospital.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The best option is to make an appointment with a professional masseuse. If this is not possible, you can learn how to do it yourself. But in this case, all the consequences fall solely on your shoulders. Basic rules for lymphatic drainage massage:

  1. The massage is performed on a dry, clean, heated body.
  2. Movement is not made by hand, but by a soft-bristled brush.
  3. They must be undulating and superficial. No pressure.
  4. The direction is along the lymph flow (there are special maps that need to be studied in advance): the contour of the lower jaw - the line behind the ears - the bottom of the clavicle - the armpits - the elbows - the knees - the groin.

If the massage was carried out correctly, the lymph nodes are toned, toxins and slags are actively removed from the lymph nodes.

Pressure therapy

The patient is put on a special suit in which air is forced. It exerts a powerful pressure on the body at first, and then, when the air is pumped out, the body relaxes. It speeds up the lymph flow, which allows it to get rid of harmful substances, and also prevents stagnation in the nodes.

The procedure of pressure therapy on the sensations is not the most comfortable, but the results will meet the expectations.

Vacuum roller massage

A special device the doctor drives the patient's body along the lymph flow. A vacuum environment is created that expands the vessels. This accelerates the flow of extracellular fluid and the elimination of toxins.


Electrodes are embedded in the device that act on the body with a pulsed low-frequency current. It makes the blood rush to the skin, and along the way there is an outflow of lymph from the tissues, stagnation in the nodes is removed.

This is a hardware technique for cleansing the lymph, which is better to enroll in the salon or hospital. Many people buy home appliances, but they are not as effective and fraught with complications if used improperly.


There are no special medicines designed exclusively for cleansing the lymph. However, many drugs can do this, especially when combined with other drugs. Deciding on their use, it is necessary to understand that these are medications that can be taken only with the permission of the doctor.

Drugs used to clean the lymph

Many methods suggest using licorice root. It is an inexpensive herbal medicinal product that is sold over-the-counter in pharmacies. Available in the form of dry raw materials, tablets or syrup. Any dosage form can be used as part of this procedure. According to the instructions, used for the treatment of viral infections, as it reduces inflammation, has expectorant and thinning action.

Licorice has a tacit (the instructions do not say) the ability to remove harmful substances from the lymphatic system into the intestines. At this stage sorbents come into play, which should continue cleansing, bind these toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and naturally withdraw. Therefore, one licorice can not cope, it should be drunk together with Polysorb, Enterosgel, activated carbon, Lactofiltrum and other similar preparations.

You must be familiar with the contraindications for this medication. Licorice root has an impact on the production of certain hormones, therefore, in cases of thyroid gland diseases, this method will not work. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, kidney problems and pregnancy also will not allow to use it.

Licorice and Enterosgel

Experts recommend for cleansing the lymph and intestines for the first time to use licorice and Enterosgel - this is the most popular tandem.

  • 1 tbsp. l licorice in syrup, diluted in a glass of hot water / 1 tablet / 50 ml of infusion from the root,
  • 1 tbsp. l Enterosgel, which you need to drink plenty of water.

  • drink licorice on an empty stomach
  • after 50 minutes - Enterosgel,
  • an hour later - eat.

According to this scheme, the cleansing of the lymphatic system should be carried out 3 times a day before main meals.

Course duration: 2 weeks.

Licorice and Polysorb

  • licorice dosage remains the same
  • in an hour - 1 tablet of Polysorb,
  • after another hour - easy eating without fat,
  • three times a day.

Licorice and activated carbon

  • fasting - diluted licorice syrup (glass),
  • after 40 minutes - activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight,
  • after 1.5 hours - cereal porridge on the water,
  • drink only in the morning.

Licorice and Lactofiltrum

  • a glass of diluted licorice syrup,
  • in 40-50 minutes - 2 Laktofiltrum tablets, crushed into powder and diluted in a glass of water,
  • in an hour - the usual meal,
  • three times a day.

After such a cleaning, unpleasant side effects are possible: copious nasal discharge, dizziness, nausea. This indicates that the body began to free itself from poisons and toxins. Need to endure and not panic. A week later, all this should end on its own.

By Butakova method

Olga Alekseevna Butakova is a doctor, the author of the method for cleansing the lymph not only with the help of Enterosgel and licorice syrup, but also with the use of some other means. She describes in detail the preparatory stage, without which, in her opinion, there will be no result.

According to Butakova, you first need to clean the intestines with the help of a special Cola-wada Plus system. She gives clear instructions on how to take the packets contained in it (each includes Altimeyte, Mega Acidophilus, vitamin C, alfalfa, American buckthorn, herbal and black walnut leaves):

  • 1-7 days: during breakfast and dinner in one package number 1,
  • 8-11 days: during breakfast and dinner one package No. 2 + powdered cocktails at 9, 12, 15 and 18 hours + a lot of liquid during the day,
  • 12-14 days: during breakfast and dinner in one package No. 3 + vegetables, lean meat, a couple of eggs during the day.

After cleansing the intestines need to deal with the removal of poisons from the liver. To do this, Butakova recommends drinking dietary supplements from the Coral Club company:

  • Artichoke (Coral Artichoke): four times a day, 1 capsule,
  • Assimilator: twice a day, 1 capsule,
  • Coral-Mine (Coral-Mine), coral water: 1 packet dissolved in 2 liters of boiled water, drink during the day,
  • Alfalfa (Coral Alfalfa): three times a day, 1 capsule,
  • Tru Lecithin (Truhe Licithin): twice a day, 1 capsule,
  • Fan-detox (FanDetox): dosage is determined according to the instructions for dietary supplements.

And only after these programs, you can finally move on to cleaning the lymph. The doctor offers 2 options.

  • in the morning: 1 tablet of licorice dissolved in 200 ml of water
  • after 20 minutes: 200 ml Coral Mine,
  • after 3 hours: brown algae,
  • before breakfast, lunch and dinner: 1 capsule of Artichoke.

Option two repeats the classic scheme of licorice and Enterosgel described above. The duration of both courses is 2 weeks. Butakova advises to carry out cleaning in the spring, once a year. After their completion, it is imperative to take any probiotics to normalize the intestinal microflora.

According to Neumyvakin

Another method of cleansing the lymphatic system offers Professor Neumyvakin - representative of alternative medicine. Perhaps his method and effective, but at the same time is dangerous because it proposes to use hydrogen peroxide for ingestion. It is unlikely that doctors will give permission for such an extreme use of a known disinfectant, therefore, all responsibility for the consequences will have to be assumed.

The professor suggests drinking hydrogen peroxide as follows:

  • 1 day: dissolve 1 drop in 20 ml of water, drink three times a day before meals,
  • there can only be an hour
  • every day, increase the dosage by 1 drop,
  • cleaning course is 10 days,
  • 5 days break
  • start a new course, but in the reverse order: from 10 drops and decrease by 1 each day.

According to Professor Neumyvakin, peroxide during this period will perfectly clean not only the lymphatic system, but also the bloodstream and intestines.However, we remind that the technique has a lot of contraindications and a very high risk of complications. In particular, in case of any chronic diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, this remedy should not be taken orally.

Medicinal herbs can also be used to clean the lymph. Many of them have a powerful detoxification effect, and the naturalness of these products only adds to their benefits. In herbal medicine for this purpose are used:

  • astragalus,
  • periwinkle
  • wild indigo root
  • oregano
  • Canadian yellow root,
  • golden seal (herb recommended by ayurveda),
  • calendula,
  • horse chestnut
  • mullein,
  • Red clover,
  • laconos,
  • burdock
  • raspberry (leaves),
  • cleavers,
  • sabelnik,
  • licorice, already known to us,
  • yarrow,
  • needles,
  • dog rose
  • sorrel curly
  • ephedra
  • echinacea and others

For cleansing the lymph, herbs can be used in different ways.


2 tablespoons of raw materials are steamed with a glass of boiling water (preferably in a thermos) for a couple of hours. Then the cake is filtered, removed, and the healing drink can be drunk 100 ml three times a day before meals. The recipe is universal for any herb.


1 tablespoon of raw materials should be boiled for 5-7 minutes or kept in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. The scheme of use is the same as for the infusion.


To clean the lymph often used recipe tincture of periwinkle. 100 g of raw materials are taken (both leaves and flowers can be used in the course) and 500 ml of vodka are poured. Insist at least 3 weeks in a corked bottle in a dark and cool place. Do not forget to shake it daily. After straining the tincture is ready to eat: drink 2 teaspoons for 20 minutes before meals three times a day for 3 weeks.


  1. The most popular herbal collection for cleansing the lymph: mix 2 tsp. calendula and bedtime plus 1 tsp. mullein Pour 500 ml boiling water, cook for at least half an hour. Drink 3 cups a day for 3 weeks.
  2. Mix 2 tsp. leaves of raspberry and marigold flowers, 1 tsp. mint leaves and mullein. Steam 500 ml of boiling water, leave overnight. Drink half a cup twice a day for 2 weeks.
  3. Mix 2 tsp. raspberry leaves, red clover flowers and marigolds, licorice root and 1 tsp. violet leaves, dandelion root and thuja twigs. Steam 500 ml of boiling water for 5-6 hours. Take half a cup 1 time per day for 2 weeks.

It is very popular to clean the lymph with hips, for which it is enough to drink a decoction of its fruits before each meal and take 1 glass. Herbalists also recommend adding 2-3 berries to each herbal collection that you prepare for this purpose.

Folk recipes

At home you can use numerous folk remedies. Use them with great care. Several recipes will guide you in choosing.


500 g of fresh horseradish pour the same amount of hot water for 5-6 hours. Press the cake, drink the infusion three times a day, 20 ml for 10 days.


Mix a glass of lemon and orange fresh juice, 4 cups of grapefruit, two liters of melted water. After waking up 20 g of salt with English drink 1.5 glasses of water. During the day, after each trip to the toilet, drink half a cup of the prepared beverage.

Apple vinegar

10 ml of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water. Drink twice a day.


Mash 50 grams of berries with 5 grams of sugar, pour a glass of hot water, leave for half an hour. Do not filter. Within 2 weeks drink half a cup twice a day, another 2 weeks to reduce the dosage to 1 time.

Tibetan way

Mix a liter of natural apple juice with a glass of fresh beetroot. Eat 200 ml before each main meal three times a day according to the following scheme:

  • 1 trick: add 1 drop of spirit celandine tincture to a glass of mixed juice,
  • with each dose add 1 drop of tincture more,
  • bring the number of drops to 15,
  • reduce the dosage with each dose by 1 drop.


Mix a liter of dry red wine and 10 g of grated ginger root. Insist in a sealed container for three days in a dark place. Filter out is not necessary. Drink 20 ml three times a day before meals.

Beet Juice

Drink a glass of beetroot juice daily in the morning. Before use, hold it for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Onion and garlic

Mix finely chopped onion (1 pc.) With garlic (1 head). Both products are used unrefined, straight from the husk. 1 lemon rinse with boiling water, grind together with zest. Pour a liter of fresh milk. Boil for 5 minutes. Cool it down. Press and throw the cake. Beverage stored in the refrigerator. Drink one and a half cups twice a day before any food intake for 4 days. The taste of the drink leaves much to be desired, but this method of cleaning is very effective. Dairy products cannot be eaten.

There is a huge amount of folk remedies for effective and quality cleansing of the lymph. Find what you like and what your body will take. But before that, do not forget to consult with a specialist.

other methods

Finally, a brief overview of several other popular ways to clean the lymphatic system at home.


Dissolve in a hot bath a glass of glauber's salt and baking soda. Take 40 minutes, constantly pouring hot water. After that, warm yourself up, drink any herbal tea for cleansing the lymph and go to bed.

Walker (hard way)

On the 1st day - a cleansing enema in the morning, during the day you can only eat 1 crushed lemon with zest mixed with honey. And so it goes on for 15 days, only 1 lemon is added to the diet every day, and then in the reverse order. Not everyone can withstand such a tough way. But the lymphatic and circulatory system will be cleaned to the ground, and the weight will subside. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, this technique can not be applied.

Walker (gentle way)

It will take 2 kg of fruits and vegetables: lemons, pomegranates, carrots, beets, cranberries. Squeeze the juice out of them. Remove the beetroot for a couple of hours in the fridge, select the bones from the lemon. Mix, add 50 ml of honey. Every morning, 50 ml of the mixture is diluted with the same amount of water and consumed on an empty stomach. We drink 10 days - we rest for 5 days and repeat the course until the drink (it must be kept in the cold) is over.

Ayurveda also did not stand aside and offers the following drugs (dietary supplements in capsules and powders) for cleansing the lymph:

  • Kanchnar guggul (Kanchnar guggulu),
  • Manjishta,
  • Yashtimadhu (Yashtimadhu).

Which way of cleansing the lymphatic system to use is up to you. But in any case, prior consultation with the doctors is required. This will help to avoid unpleasant consequences, since some techniques without proper training and good health can not be practiced.

Why does a person need lymph

Most people know the lymph under a different name - ichor. When receiving various injuries, it oozes from the wound in the form of a thick transparent liquid, and is a type of connective tissue consisting mainly of lymphocytes.

The structure of the lymph is close to blood plasma, however, the speed of its movement through the vessels is significantly lower than the speed of blood flow, and the muscular layer of the lymphatic vessels is very poorly developed. The total amount of lymph in the human body is from 1 to 4 liters, and its functions are associated with the protection of internal organs and metabolic processes:

  • cleansing and redistribution of interstitial fluid,
  • protection from parasites, toxins, harmful bacteria and viruses,
  • return of water, salts, proteins and metabolic products from the tissues back into the blood.

Purification and redistribution of interstitial fluid is carried out in a kind of “pumps” or filters - lymph nodes. Like all filters, the lymph nodes are contaminated, and then they need to be cleaned.

Signs of lymphatic system contamination

Due to poor lymph circulation in the lymphatic system, stagnation can occur. The result is the sedimentation of dead cells, toxins, bacteria and viruses in the lymph nodes. Immunity suffers the most from this, which signals the need to cleanse the lymphatic system with the following symptoms:

  • frequent colds
  • infectious diseases
  • frequent exacerbations of chronic diseases,
  • disturbances in the work of the cleansing organs (liver, kidneys, spleen),
  • obese
  • thyroid diseases,
  • frequent skin diseases
  • the appearance of allergic reactions.

In addition, cleansing of the lymph is recommended for pathologies such as:

  • chronic thrombophlebitis,
  • liver disease,
  • excessive skin pigmentation and the appearance of papillomas,
  • joint diseases
  • skin-acne,
  • diseases of the pelvic organs.

Procedures have the effect of stimulating the immune system, help reduce problems with allergies and help rejuvenate the body.

Enterosgel and licorice

To clean the lymph with Enterosgel and Licorice is indicated only if the patient does not take heart and diuretic drugs, and he does not have an individual intolerance to these drugs.

The method is designed for 2 weeks and is as follows:

  1. Dissolve a tablespoon of licorice root syrup in a cup of hot water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. After 30 minutes, drink a tablespoon of Enterosgel,
  3. After 2 hours you can have breakfast.

Activated carbon

The scheme is similar to the previous one, but includes activated carbon as a cleansing component.

In the morning, 2 hours before meals, you should drink licorice root syrup, and after half an hour - a few tablets of activated carbon (1 tablet per 10 kg of human weight). It is necessary to clean the lymph in this way for 3 weeks.

Freshly made juices

Natural freshly made juices are also able to cope with the task of quickly cleansing the lymph. Juices from barberry, red currant, chokeberry (cautiously - this berry greatly reduces pressure), cornel or a mixture of juices (for example, 6 parts of carrot, 3 parts of cucumber and 1 part of beet) will do. It is necessary to prepare 2 liters of juice for the whole day and drink 200 ml every hour.

Onions, garlic and lemon

Onions, garlic and lemon also do a good job at clearing the lymph at home. To make a drink, use the following recipe:

  • finely chop or crush under the pressure on 1 head of garlic and onion,
  • mix them with finely chopped lemon peel,
  • put the whole mass into the boiling liter of milk,
  • the milk from the lemon is curled, but the mass needs to be allowed to boil for a couple more minutes, and then drain through a sieve.

The received serum needs to be drunk on 1/2 glasses in 30 minutes prior to food in the morning and in the evening within 4 days. Other dairy products at this time not to use.

Exercise and Massage

Stimulation of lymph circulation is promoted by special physical exercises, as well as massage procedures.

  1. As a daily exercise, you can use the so-called capillary gymnastics Katsudzo Nishi. Its essence lies in the frequent movements of the limbs, reminiscent of shaking. For example, lie on your back and lift up straight legs and arms, take a deep breath and start shaking small limbs with fully relaxed muscles. Exercise duration - 2-5 minutes, the frequency of accomplishments - every day, morning and evening.

    Gymnastics for joints by the method Norbekova also stimulates lymph circulation. To complete it, it is enough to pay only 10-15 minutes in the morning: flexion and extension of the joints, rotation, starting with the fingers and ending with the shoulder and hip joints.

The movement of the lymph through the vessels is due to contractions of the surrounding muscles, so gymnastics will quickly set the stagnant lymph in motion.

  • The effectiveness of cleaning lymph increases with parallel application of massage. Here you need to remember the key rule - massage movements should be made in directions from the periphery to the center. That is, on the legs - from the fingers to the hips, on the arms - from the fingers to the shoulders, and so on. This is necessary to ensure the promotion of lymph to the lymph nodes, but massage the lymph nodes themselves should be avoided.
  • Lymph nodes do not need to not only massage, but also excessively warm up, so you should not bathe at temperatures above 60 degrees, and also take too hot baths or showers.

    Healthy foods

    The essence of a special diet is to minimize the use of junk food, and preference is given to healthy foods:

    • fresh fruit and berries (avocados and cranberries are very useful for lymph),
    • spicy greens, leaf lettuce, seaweed, especially spirulina,
    • flaxseed oil, flaxseed and other seeds, as well as walnuts and almonds.

    The vitamins, microelements, antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in these products will help to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and improve the body as a whole.

    Harmful products

    Finally, remember the foods that should be excluded from the diet so that no toxic substances are collected in the body and the lymph does not stand:

    • carbonated drinks,
    • salting and smoked meats,
    • sweets and pastries,
    • sunflower oil,
    • refined (most refined) cereals,
    • sugar,
    • products containing synthetic flavors and preservatives.

    After cleaning the lymph, the work of not only the internal organs, but also the nervous system is normalized, the frequency of exacerbations of chronic diseases and allergic manifestations decreases, and the immune system is strengthened.

    Important! Once again we emphasize attention - before you clean the lymph, you must consult with your doctor - to clarify whether you have any contraindications or allergies to taking herbal preparations, biological additives and other means described in the cleansing procedures.

    We wish you good health and cheerful spirit!

    Watch the video: The Lymphatic System, All you need to know. (April 2020).